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Bermondsey Spa Gardens

Southwark, London,
The name Bermondsey Spa stems from the discovery of a chalybeate spring, which sprung from the small river Neckinger. In the 1700s, the spa was exploited in the grounds of Thomas Keyse who turned it into a pleasure garden, concert hall, picture gallery and fireworks display area. Although his cherry brandy was perhaps more famous than his 'Bermondsey Spa Water' the spa prospered for many years attracting wealthy people from the City who required extensive security teams to escort them south of the river. As part of Bermondsey Spa's huge regeneration programme the park has recently been re-landscaped making it user-friendlier, benefiting all age groups. It now has new park furniture, lighting, a toddlers play area, a multi-sports play pitch, a dog walking area, a new plaza and the new Ellen Brown Bermondsey Play Centre.